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Hey, I’m Namrata here.

I am a cinematographer and editor by profession who freelances and travels every chance I get. When I get to do both together, it’s the best project I am working on.

I have worked with adventure tour companies, corporates, and creators.

I am currently working as a freelancer videographer, photographer and editor in Mumbai and Thane.

Constantly on the lookout for projects to work on!


You can get in touch with me if you’re in need of a Cinematographer, Photographer and Editor.

I also have worked as a social media strategist and content writer for a brief amount of time and  can work in the same. 

Background Photo by:
Aryan Motiwala

Social Media

I have worked with in house social media management teams on campaigns to generate ticketing revenue and sales through online 

payment portals. 

This crisp knowledge of time-efficient campaigns is what motivated me to start a social media consultancy service to plan, curate and manage social media for my clients.

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