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Trailers & Highlights

Get yourself a highlights or trailer from all your available videos or shoot one with me to bring out the essence of your brand, channel and event

in one crisp video. 

Humans of Digital Health Campaign

By the Young Experts: Tech4Health

is an experimental project to document the effects of

Social Media on Psychological Health

Full Video:: 

Client: Tanvi Nair

Client: Jack and Hill 

Created a ad-format video for Digital marketing of 
upcoming travel for JnH Adventures. 
Considering the attention span being less than 30 seconds
and also the first few seconds to be the best version,
this is the work we put out. 


Client: Jack and Hill Brand Video

Jack and Hill Adventures have been in the scene of slow yet
adventurous travel trips for 4 years now .
They needed a video that highlights what their team does 
and what they provide to make your travel experience 
really great.

Docu on Hikkim Post Office

A video which captures an old couple traveling to the
highest post office in the world at Hikkim as they learn about 
it in the process of their stamp collecting hobby that they 
share with a documentary film-maker.

Client: WMall

They wanted a video that puts together 

the current services that their app,
website and youtube page provides.

Client: Navy Blue

Navy Blue required a two team set up to shoot their 
factory and machine building process for their 

Shoot: Namrata Menon

Edit: Tejas Kalyankar 
Script: Hrushikesh Joshi


Client: RaddiConnect

They wanted a video which covered the inaugration of

the weighing bridge at Mumbai's Dry Waste

 Collection Centre. It involved Video bytes as well as
virtual tour of the factory set up. 

Client: Lapaz Readings

Created a trailer for a Youtube Channel which 
highlights the upcoming videos on the channel. 


Iplix wanted a set of videos that showcase the work of the

influencers they work with. There is a section of 
"Influencers" in their website where you can 

find all the video trailers I did for their website.

Client: Iplix Media

Client: IITK

IITK wanted a event highlights for their Youtube 

which covered their college fest - BiG Conclave. 


Client: Green Marathon

I was asked to create an event highlight 

for Green Marathon.

Client: Let India Breathe

Let India Breathe wanted to create a teaser for their

podcast series 'Van Ki Baat' on youtube. 
A huge salute to all those working to 
conserve Aarey.


Client: Romads by EasyRoads

A bunch of Travellers together at River Camp 

and all that happened over the weekend. 

Client: Citizens for Animal

During the lockdown of 2020, CAP Mumbai came together 

with volunteers to feed the animals in and around Mumbai 

and Thane. This video was for fundraising as well as

volunteers call. 


Client: Rochelle 

An event coverage to highlight best moments
of her poetry album release. 

Client: BRAND!

Sales Testimonial Video for 
BRand and VaccuBrand Tools for institutes. 


Client: Blind Book Date

An event coverage to highlight best moments
of your gig.

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